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Litter Control in the Township of Dalkey

Do you have a free hour or two each week, we'd love to have you join us".

Free Aerobics class / weekly clean ups, for all ages.
Litter patrols from May to September are weekly sessions.
April's Schedule
3rd,  12th,    21st

1st   Tuesday of month

10.30am / 12 noon
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patricks Ave.
2nd  Thursday of month
    11am / 12 noon
meet at Dillon's Park,       Coliemore Road.
3rd   Saturday of month
10.30am / 12 noon
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patricks Ave.

May to September Schedule

Every Tuesday

10.30am / 12 noon
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patricks Ave.
Every Thursday
    11am / 12 noon
meet at Dillon's Park,       Coliemore Road.
Every Saturday
10.30am / 12 noon
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patricks Ave.

Litter Patrols carried out in Dalkey.

a) Collection of litter took place in Dalkey throughout the year.
b) These were usually twice weekly and sometimes three times, during the summer time and once a month during the winter
c) The locations were:-
       1. Castle Street Dalkey each Tuesday at 10.30am and covering the local problem areas.
       2. Dillon's Park, Sorrento Park & Coliemore Road, on Thursday's at 11am.

d) Members of the public are
encouraged to take part, and we advertised the locations and asked for volunteers in the following ways:-

      1. An announcement in the Dalkey Community Council Newsletter. This is a publication delivered to 3,000 homes and businesses in the area and           available on
      2. Posters were placed on two notice boards in the town.
      3. Pulpit announcements from our two local churches and their newsletters.
      4. Announcements at any meetings we attended.
      5. Local clubs were circulated and asked to clean a specific area (cubs, scouts, brownies, Cuala sports, old folks, etc.) with an 80% success rate.
The number of volunteers varied considerably. Sometimes two or three people and other times as many as ten + groups of pupils from one of the          local schools, coupled with helpers from St. John of Gods.
f)  The type of litter collected was varied:
       1. Cigarette ends, mainly outside public houses.
       2. From overflowing litterbin's especially following sunny weekends.
       3. Drink cans and fast-food packaging, from the car park and places where young people meet in the evenings.
       4. Drink cans, bottles, fishing equipment and picnic packaging, even syringes, from Dillon's Park that is on a rocky coast and has wooded areas.

g) These litter-picking sessions were considered successful:
       1. Members of the public often stop to compliment us on what we were doing, and offer apologies for their lack of time or ability.
       2. A small number of local residents usually joined the committee members.
We won major awards in local DLRCC competitions.
       4. Dalkey Tidy Town's profile was raised considerably.

The litter patrols are very visible & striking with all the volunteers wearing new
luminous blue vests with our New Logo we have purchased.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council are very supportive by providing bags, litter pickers, gloves, and special bags for dog excrement.
They also pick up the bags from various nominated locations after picking.

The Big Belly Rubbish Bins recently installed by DLRCC, appeared to have made a difference around the town. As they are a smart bin, each bin contacts the department to indicate that it needs emptying, saving a lot of manpower & fuel, by not emptying the old ones on a daily bases ( even if they were not full ), also saving the environment by less fuel & associated pollution.
DTT proposed these to DLRCC about 6 - years ago,
but at the time they did not see the financial benefits for them

In general Dalkey is improving regarding litter, if a slowly at times.

A major problem we have is fishermen leaving tangled line with weights & hooks, old fish bait, drink cans & food wrappers, on & around the rocks adjacent to the sea.
Especially Dillon's Park


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