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Flora & Fauna in the Township of Dalkey

  Dalkey Hill and its neighbours: Roches and Killiney, is one of the most interesting botanical areas in the South East of County Dublin, with over 200 native plant species having been recorded there (The Flora of County Dublin 1998).
  The granite and mica schist hills with their thick layer on their seaward slopes of calcareous glacial drift provide a wide variety of micro habitats.
  Some of the highlight species are listed below: -

Bloody Crane's-bill (whose profusion is only matched in the Burren) (pic)
Rock and Golden Samphire Sea Spleenwort Burnet Rose (pic)
Bristly Oxtongue Salad Burnet Wild Madder
Portland Spurge Silver and Common Ragwort

  Dalkey Quarry has two rare Whitebeams and Bluebell and Greater Stitchwort are mixed in with Bracken.
   A distinctive feature is Climbing Corydalis, and in the quarry Sheep's-bit, as is the occurrence of four scarce clovers; Knotted; Birds-foot; Western and Rough Clover. Birds-foot clover is also found on Dalkey Island.
  Aside from the common maritime species found all along the coast, less common are Spring Squill, Sea Storks-bill, Marram, Lyme-grass and Sea Sandwort. Carpets of the relatively rare Spring Squill can be found on Dalkey Island.

TREES on Dalkey Hill     :- all native trees are here
Mature Beech English Oak Sessile Oak
Monteray Pine Scots Pine Larch
Hawthorn White Beam Sycamore
Horse Chestnut Sweet Chestnut Willow
Mountain Ash Holly  
The above list are just some that have been identified on Dalkey Hill, but needless to say there are a much wider variety around the area planted by individuals

Plant Survey
                          as have been observed at the Rampart Bank, Vico Road, Dalkey
Vascular Plant Species,
Alexanders (pic) Creeping Thistle Sea-holly
Bee Orchard (pic) Creeping Buttercup Sea Campion
Bird's-foot-trefoil Crested Dog's-tail Sea Mayweed
Bloody Cranesbill (pic) Daisy Sea Plantain
Bramble Dandelion Sea Thrift
Burnet rose (pic) Gorse Slender St. John's-worth
Bush Vetch Greater Stitchwort Smooth Sow-thistle
Carline Thistle Hawk's-beard Spear Thistle
Cleavers Hawkweed Three Cornered Leek (pic)
Cock's Foot Hawthorn Timothy Grass
Common Bluebell Ivy Tufted Vetch
Common Centuary Kidney Vetch Wall-rue
Common Chickweed Lady's Bedstraw White Clover
Common Knapweed Meadow Buttercup Wild Carrot
Common Milk Wort Perennial Rye Grass Wild Privet
Common Nettle Pyramidal Orchid (pic) Wild Thyme (pic)
Common Restharrow Red Clover Wild Turnip
Common Sorrel Red Fescue Yarrow
Common Vetch Red Valerian Yellow Wall Flower
Cotoneaster-wild Sand Leek Yorkshire - Fog
  Scarlet Pimpernel  


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