Rights of Way in Dalkey & Surrounds

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Rights of way in the Dalkey Area
Please Note ! The information below has been supplied by local people, but we cannot guarantee
that it is 100 % correct, but is to the best of local knowledge. Please inform us for additions & corrections.

  1.   Barnhill Road to Saval Park Gardens
  2.   Barhill Road to St Begnets Villas, via the small carpark close to town centre
  3.   Bullock Harbour and along the rocky foreshore
  4.   Castlepark Road near Dundela Park connects with the blind end of Hyde Park.
  5.   Castle Street to Ormeau Drive
  5.   Church of the Assumption, " Car Park," Castle Street. to Village Gate
  6.   Dalkey Avenue to Ardbrugh Road. " The Flags ".  " A continuation of The Metals "
  7.   Dundela Park to Dundela Avenue
  8.   Kearns Lane off Castle Street to Car Park
  9.   Knock na Cree Road to Torca Road. ( through Gorse Hill & splits into two paths )
 10.  Knock na Cree Park to Knock na Cree Road.
 11.  Laneway between 20 Hyde Park and 33, Castlepark Road
 12.  Library Lane off Castle Street to Car Park
 13.  Loreto Avenue to Lady’s Well on foreshore

 14.  Saval Park Road to Proby Park
 15.  Sorrento Rd ( near Hobbit Cottage ) to Tubbermore Road
 16.  St Begnet's Villas to Hyde Park Grounds. ( two areas, one in the middle & one at the far end
 17.  The Metals Barnhill Rd bridge, Old Quarry, around Clay Hill, then onto # 5 above
 18.  Torca Road to Dalkey Hill
 19.  Ulverton Road to Harbour Road at Bullock " Ulverton Steps "
 20.  Vico Road to " Hawk Cliff " Vico Bathing Place "
 21.  Vico Road to White Rock ( 3 paths )
 22.  Vico Road to Torca Road " Cats Ladder "
 23.  Vico Road ( steps ) to Dalkey Hill ( Opposite entrance to White Rock )
 24.  Victoria Road to Rockford Avenue.
 25.  Victoria Road to Coliemore Road " Biddy’s Cottage "
 26.  Bulloch Harbour and along the rocky foreshore

Note ! Sorrento Terrace beside # 8 to the foreshore. is NOT a right of way,
but the public were allowed to use it in the past.
Originally it was for the use of the servants to enter the residence by the rear door.

Note ! The pedestrian path from Barnacoille Park to Harbour Road, is NOT a right of way,
it is just an entrance to the church & to the school

        Killiney Area

  1.   Balure Lane ( off Church Rd ) to Dalkey Hill. via The Heath, via Killiney Golf Course
  2.   St Georges Ave to Glenalua Road, Killiney.
       ( goes around the bottom of the house ‘Kenna Hill’ site the lower part of the garden down
       to Killiney Hill Road, around the bottom of the tennis court through the trees )
  3.  Strathmore Road ( one way system ) to the foreshore. ( close to Bono's house )

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