circa.4300 BC to 2017 AD
From the Hill to the Harbours

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   What a great day we had last Tuesday with one of the best turnouts so far this year ! The results show what many hands can achieve - well done and thanks to Paddy, Miriam, Martin, John, Mary, Linda, Marius and Des. We moved a huge amount of cuttings and branches under that new rock face to the right of the Park and made them disappear. Without so many there to help, it would have taken several days to complete. That old Cordeline is now another lovely new landmark. We also hear that DLRCC have seen our work and may even help in the future.
   You might enjoy this. We cleared an area behind the huge Cordeline and peeled ivy off another hidden tree beside it. Carved in the bark was JOHN LOVES MAEVE and dated April 1976. I posted a note and photo on our Facebook Page to see if we could trace them both and who are probably in their 60’s now. So far it has had a Reach on Facebook of over 1,100 people ! Better still, we have actually traced a John and Maeve who played in Dillon’s Park at that time and later married and who could be this same John and Maeve. My plan was to get them back there for a photo. Unfortunately, I discovered this morning that they have lived in Australia for over 20 years. I’ll be in Melbourne shortly and have not given up yet :) There is the makings of a Play somewhere there.   
So, we will meet again this coming Tuesday at 10.00am and all who can spare some time will be very welcome. Our plan is to continue where we left off and move up to the higher ground to make a real feature of that “new” rock face. The usual gloves, clippers, shears, etc., will be needed. Tea Break material never goes astray either :).



Tuesday, 28th February 2017               Please click for more info
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A Walk of about 13k   Dun Laoghaire,  Dalkey,  Killiney incl photo's
A loop walk that follows the coast to Dalkey, Killiney, returning to Dun Laoghaire via The Metals

Dillon's Park
Restoration Continues every Tuesday.

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Do you have a free hour or two each week, we'd love to have you join us".
Could you please spare Dalkey Tidy Towns, an hour or few hours a week / month
to help our committee improve our fantastic area.
Just email us ( link below ) or just arrive, and / or, bring a friend.

Please join us for a morning (or even an hour) of activity to improve Dalkey Heritage Town

email:  Contact Us    or:-        Watch This Space

Your help will go a long way to make the most of our lovely heritage town
Is deas an rud an beagán ach é a dhéanamh go maith.

Free Aerobics class / weekly clean ups, for all ages.

Winter Schedule     from 1st Oct until last week of April
Every Thursday of month
10.30am / 12 noon
meet at Dillon's Park,       Coliemore Road.
Saturday - Specials
10.30am / 11.30am

To suit Gaisce/Transition students
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patrick's Ave.

Litter patrols from April to September are weekly sessions.
Summer Schedule
    for the remainder of the year

Every   Tuesday of month

10.30am / 12 noon
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patrick's Ave.
Every Thursday of month
10.30am / 12 noon

meet at Dillon's / Sorrento Parks,     Coliemore Road.
and / or "Writers Corner,"

Every  Saturday of month
10.30am / 12 noon
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patrick's Ave.

If anyone would like to join a new group for an evening clean-up, Please Contact Us 
If you are interested to know more please
call Terry on 285 9974

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We know that a lot of individuals do a clean up in the in their area, but if we can
do it on the same day, to raise general awareness it would be great.

Please encourage as many of your communities, clubs and neighbour's to participate each week.

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The Dalkey Tidy Towns committee works with many other voluntary bodies in the task of improving our Towns environment, together with the co-operation of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

We welcome you to tour the site and see what's been achieved and how much more must be done.

We would dearly love to get more people involved and if you would like to know how you could help please visit the web page "Helpers Wanted"

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